Ukrainian women waiting for real dating with foreign man

Woman Ukraine from Simferopol

i’m a cheerful, open person, very optimistic, active, always try to understand people, don’t like conflicts. i think i’ll forgive anything to a person if i really love him and he is sincere about it.

I have many friendsand i like to spend time with them so i can say that i’m a very friendly the same time i’m very romanticand i like all things connected with romance like candles, moonlight walks… my motto is never stop believing you can touch the sky! I like reading very much especially detective stories. I usually do some sport exercises at home listening to music.

I like to go to the theatre I think that the actors play help to feel the mood of the play. i want to meet an active, strong,self-confident person, cheerful, career-oriented, tender,healthy,without bad habits(except for smoking i think). a real man should know what he wants from life.

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