Online Dating – Is It For Me ?

Online dating is quite popular these days. I guess that you often notice advertisements of dating services when you are surfing on the web. I read in an article that in 2001 online dating was $40 million business and by 2008 that figure was more than $600 million. There are many articles and posts about the safety of online dating, and I think more people are getting more comfortable to use online dating services.

So, online dating is for you too ? Please read the followings.

  1. You have exhausted all the usual possibilities for finding your soulmate
  2. You are too busy to get out and meet new people
  3. You have got tired of clubs and pubs
  4. You find it rather difficult to approach new people face to face
  5. You simply cannot find a date
  6. You want to meet some new and interesting people from around the world
  7. You want to try something new and exciting

If you find any of the above statements true, then online dating is definitely for you. There are lots of dating sites which you can register and use for free. My suggestion is try some of these dating services and get started. Just avoid paying high monthly fees and make sure what kind of services you can use once you become a member. Usually there are limitations how many people you can contact a day even the advertisement says you have unlimited contact to other members. In the next posts, I will recommend some reliable online dating sites which I used myself, so I hope you will feel safe and comfortable using the service.

And with advertisements making more-than-real promises and millions of people available to you just a click away, your expectations are likely to be very hight. But don’t be carried away and expect to find someone special in a short period of time. It can take 3 months or more just to find somebody you find interesting. Well, I am not discouraging you, but just be patient when things are slower than expected.

Thank you for reading, Alan !

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  1. Many good points here Annie. As you know I am dating, and what I found with my new love is that we both come with past loves. I don’t feel like I have a widow’s card, or he has a divorced card, rather, we both have past relationships that brought immense love, and troubled pain. We have chosen to be open about discussing our late/ex spouses, and also not to linger on them too much.

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